Do Not Overlook Operations

Operations allow business leaders to stop thinking from day to day and start to focus on growth. If you are running a growing business, you should not overlook filling this role. When it comes to operations you will pay now or pay later in the form of inefficient workflow. You should rely on them for planning, decision making, organizing, leading and controlling. They should always be observing and improving the business and its processes. Ops is the only department that…

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How to Work Successfully Alongside Growing Businesses

Why work with growing businesses? That’s easy. The people! Working with people who are out to change the world is the best. The passion and energy my customers bring is contagious. I’m typically working with 3 to 6 different customers at one time, and work on something new almost every day. In 2013, I raised seed capital and founded a small startup. Throughout that time I had made side money creating business plans for my peers. I started to put…

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