Operations allow business leaders to stop thinking from day to day and start to focus on growth. If you are running a growing business, you should not overlook filling this role. When it comes to operations you will pay now or pay later in the form of inefficient workflow. You should rely on them for planning, decision making, organizing, leading and controlling. They should always be observing and improving the business and its processes.

Ops is the only department that will get their hands on every part of the business: HR, office management, accounting/finance, product development, and customer support. They should have access to almost everything: funding agreements, contracts, shareholder resolutions, etc. If done right, operations can be the key to growth within a company.

Operations can also play pitcher. You will need other people to speak on behalf of the business. A great operations team can help you pitch the business both internally and externally. They are able to provide a broad overview due to the fact that they are involved with every aspect of the business.

They can meet with each employee on the team on a consistent basis. It is invaluable to consistently ask employees what they are up to, what challenges they are facing and how they go about their work. It is also important to keep set and revisit employee goals for both themselves and the company.