Why work with growing businesses?
That’s easy. The people! Working with people who are out to change the world is the best. The passion and energy my customers bring is contagious. I’m typically working with 3 to 6 different customers at one time, and work on something new almost every day. In 2013, I raised seed capital and founded a small startup. Throughout that time I had made side money creating business plans for my peers. I started to put the pieces together for Anny.Biz at the end of 2015. A few months later I had a full book of work.

Many of the challenges I deal with on a day-to-day basis are unique. Solving expansion challenges is often messy, and ambiguous. Facing new challenges keeps the job exciting. It’s fun to see businesses grow and jobs being created right in front of your eyes.

Growing businesses don’t allocate a big budget for consulting or outside help. This is perhaps the biggest challenge, and why you won’t see many large consulting firms in this space. You must target businesses that have at least raised seed money or target experienced founders. They know how valuable it can be to get outside professional help.

You can make more money pursuing a traditional path of consulting, solving deeply complex problems. If you want to work with growing businesses, maximizing your income has to be secondary.

Types of Services to Offer
-High volume, repeatable services. These can be streamlined and performed repeatedly. I realized quickly that customers value my unique skill set: creating business plans for growing businesses that satisfy their stakeholder’s desire to see for a vision of growth.

-Projects where you are solving a unique problem. This could take anywhere from 2 weeks to 1 year.

-Low volume services. In this case, you become deeply involved with one or more client. ie interim CFO. This might also be structured as a fixed fee with a bonus to go alongside company milestones.