Slack is the most popular tool for workplace communication. The main features are the use of channels and seamless file sharing. Much like Excel, you will use it for ages without realizing all of the shortcuts.

Slack is able to integrate directly with a massive list of third-party apps and services. It easily integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive. You can also integrate Salesforce and other CRM’s. Check out Slack’s App Directory.

Here are 8 Slack Hacks that will make your day a little more productive:

Alert Others! Tagging “@everyone” in a message will notify every single person on your team, while “@channel” will notify everyone subscribed to that channel, “@group” will notify everyone associated with a specific user group, and “@here” will notify everyone who is online, active, and available.

Pin Your Message. Click the three-dot menu icon above a message (or long-press it from the mobile app) and select “Pin to this conversation.” The item will then appear within a pushpin icon at the top of the thread, where everyone will see and be able to access it as needed.

Share Your Screen. You can share your computer’s screen with anyone and allow the other person to draw on your screen or take control of your screen. Use the phone icon within any messaging thread to start a voice or video call, then look for the “Share your screen” icon (the circle with a computer monitor in it, to the left of the “End call” button) to get started.

Show Some Color. Typing any six-character hex code into Slack and the app will put an appropriate color swatch alongside your message.

Take a Poll. Pose a multiple-choice question by assigning an emoji to each option, then immediately add each emoji to the message as a reaction. Your coworkers can then click on a reaction to vote, and Slack will show you a running total.

Never Miss A Beat. Set up keyword notifications (ie Google Alerts) to make sure you never miss anything important. Slack will alert you anytime that term comes up in a conversation. Open the Notifications section of Slack’s preferences and look for the “My Keywords” section to set things up.

Remind Yourself. Set reminders for yourself, and create reminders for other people or even an entire channel for instance, “/remind @santillo.nick to bring new coffee on Monday morning,” “/remind #customersuccess to submit the number of service requests received at the end of every week” or “/remind #finance to run the report on the 8th of every month.”

Mr. Robot. Slackbot is Slack’s built-in self-service support system. You can ask Slackbot questions, and get explanations along with links to the relevant knowledge base articles.