“We hired Nick as we prepared to raise another round of capital. He helped us perfect our pitch deck by identifying KPI’s that showed our growth potential. He also curated a list of VC’s who would be specifically interested in investing in our industry, business model, and stage of growth. He helped us to smoothly navigate the complex fundraising process.”


“We hired Anny.Biz we did not have any structure around our financial reporting. Now, we have peace of mind knowing that Nick manages our finances while we spend our time growing our business. Now we can easily access our financial reports, keep an eye on our runway, and track inventory. I would highly recommend Anny.Biz to founders who would rather spend time focusing on product and growth.”


“Anny.Biz is great for businesses without a dedicated finance person or team. Nick gives me real-time visibility into my businesses performance, and always makes himself available to help me with any issues that may arise.”


“We hired Anny.Biz at a time when our organization was expanding. Nick worked directly with our team to plan and implement our budget. Nick was also in charge of all transacting and creating monthly board reports.  Nick was key to helping us smoothly handle our growth.”


“At Brigade we needed to understand what touchpoints were influencing the user’s decisions and how our users were satisfied or otherwise with the app. We hired Anny.Biz to create and manage the budget for our expansive user experience surveys.  Nick’s project came in under budget and the surveys his project create were quite effective and provided valuable user feedback. Fantastic ROI!”


“Nick was essential to us at a critical time for Diamond Kinetics.  He eliminated the need for a dedicated full-time financial staff. He provided transacting, reporting, inventory management, and strategic planning services to us. This was one of the best business decisions we have ever made”


“Nick worked with us to create a budget and cash flow projections for our quickly growing business. He is a thoughtful, and versatile problem-solver who consistently delivers on his promise. Nick is very professional, and always give clear advice and guidance in a prompt and efficient manner. ”


“Nick worked swiftly but thoroughly to develop a plan for BPI to survive and thrive. He was able to work comfortably with our team, but was challenging when we needed to up the ante. His project financial models helped us understand our capabilities at a pivotal time for our business.”